Not just a noise of frustration, dear readers, but also a recurrant problem I have encountered with the running of this site. And it's a weird one.

This publishing system has trouble with F words. And not the F word you might be expecting.

Just take a look. This is what my editor sees:

[Image shows correct text with the proper spelling of a certain typo in the published version.]

And this is what happens when the exact same text gets published:

[Image shows the same text with a missing F]

So far, I've noticed trouble with words that start with F-I and F-L [And I sincerely hope this comes through when it's published. Just in case - "eff eye" and "eff el"]. There's some little glitch in the software somewhere that needs some egregious kicking and I have no idea how to fix the little bastard.

I'm opening this blog entry to comments, so any of my sharp-eyed readers can add other missing-letter typos so we can unriddle this nonse.

I even checked the published page source. It's there. It's there in the source, but for some reason, the letters don't turn up on the viewer end.

It's a puzzlement.

Also I am welcoming any and all helpful suggestions to unriddle it.