Father's Day

Or, as I would call it in the Amalgam Station Universe, Secpa's Day.

Since the household Secpa is asleep, and so are the kids, I get a little time to blog.

Economically, I'm not doing fantastic. I spent $15 out of my New Compy fund [to support Chaos' school], and only saved $5 this week. So now I'm $20 away from having $300 in cash.


I have $30 in my PayPal, $12 held by Smashwords, and almost $500 in my Dreams account. If I could magically get all of that, today, I'd have a little over $800 all up. Nearly a third of the way there.

Except it takes a week to save one hundred dollars if I'm good, and longer if I'm not. Things like clothes and food and school necessities take from that.

I've stopped buying vinyl because I need a new compy. I've stopped getting little treats for myself because I need a new compy. I'm battling a constant state of ennui that could lead into a depression spiral because... need a new compy.

I'll post a memorium when this compy dies. And I will be using the pic I just took of my workspace that's going to be on my Patreon this week.

And today... I am braving up and advertising everything I've written that could potentially make me any kind of scratch. Because I need a new compy.

I expect a full-blown anxiety episode by the evening. Which I will quell by working on cover art for Beauties and the Beastly. Progress will be posted on Patreon along with blather about the process.

I... need a lot of money.

But just for now, I'm going to wake up the little darlings so they can wake up their Secpa and present Beloved with presents.