I have a lot of stress. Most of it is self-inflicted. And worse, I can't do shit about it.

  • The expert recommended more tests.
  • Mayhem doesn't want to do them.
  • I finally triple-checked Sweet Child of Mine and started posting it on AO3. It is a rough beast of a whump fic. Be warned.
  • I'm still watching Adapting in slush pile limbo. So far, it's in a state of not being looked at.

I should go with the most likely scenario, but... I don't really know what's most likely in these situations.

Mayhem is currently sleeping off the bug, but when he wakes, I shall inform him that we're doing the blood test on the weekend, when he should be well over his lurgi.

That should give him plenty of time to reach what passes for normal.

And speaking of normal, I should get on with what I normally do. At least I have a good topic for Wordpress Wednesday, and it's going to be another Tropes I Despise.

Stay tuned.