Fanfic Time: Don't Pity Me part 51

Very much NSFW fic continued from yesterday:

Fracture Fifty-One: Peace in Another’s Arms (part three)

  Just as soon as she recovered from the last orgasm, he began working on the next. Kitty was dazed. She’d already come - what? Fifteen times? And *he* had yet to fill her with his seed.

  “What are you?” Kitty panted as he began the short-stroke trick again, pressing against her cervix once for every ten thrusts. “Some kinda superman?”

  “It’s just the tantra, liebchen,” he said. “I want to make it a gift for you. Make it pure. Make it *right*…” his voice fell into a whisper as he buried himself in her. “In all honour.”

  Kitty wanted to weep, but she was too caught up in the fantastic things he was doing to her. Just how long and how often was he going to go? Kitty had to wonder if - or how - *she* wasn’t supposed to explode after orgasm number sixteen travelled up and down her spine.

  Kurt’s tail snaked between her legs and teased her swollen labia. Then that wicked, spaded tip played in her juices before worming its way downwards, towards another opening.

  “Clench, then relax,” he whispered in her ear.

  Kitty obeyed, and a slippery invader slid into her ass! She barely had time to think, _*More* tail sex?_ before it and Kurt together pushed her into another screaming orgasm. Seventeen. Seventeen times. Kitty was starting to feel exhausted. Her heartbeat reverberated through her entire chest. Kurt was *everywhere*. Suckling on her earlobe, playing with her breasts, soothing the small of her back, or the curve of her buttocks, twining into her ass and relentlessly, inevitably, pounding into her vagina.

  Kitty reached eighteen as his tail-tip worked between them and began playing with her clitoris. _Damn handy thing to have, that tail,_ she thought, and reached a decision.

  “Kurt, Kurt, Kurt,” she whimpered. “Please. I don’t want the tantra… I want *you*. I want good, honest, boyfriend-and-girlfriend *sex*. I don’t think–” she gasped and gulped. “I don’t think I can stand - much more…”

  “You’re strong,” Kurt hissed. “You’re strong. Be strong, geliebt. Just two more. Please. Two more?” This time, his French kiss was desperate. He needed this from her. For the strength of his soul. He needed it to heal.

  His tail and he started moving in synchronisation. Kitty started screaming with each thrust. All she could do was hold on, tight.

  Kitty never thought she’d *ever* have such a time counting up to one hundred.

  Kurt was whisper-chanting, “One more,” this last time. His face was a portrait of pain, need and raw lust all rolled into one. He *needed* release. He couldn’t keep going like this.

  At around fifty, Kitty found the strength to move her right hand, ever-so-slowly, down his spine. At sixty-five, he realised what she was up to, but both his hands were desperately busy with her body.

  “Liebe? Liebe?” he panted, fear adding to the mixture in his eyes. "What are you– *Liebe*…“

  Seventy. Nearly there. At seventy-eight, she found that sensitive spot. At eighty, began to play with it. At ninety, he finally lost control.

  It was a long, slow, scream from him, starting low as he realised he could no longer keep his rythm, and ascending as he approached climax. Kitty siezed his ass with her other hand and wrapped her legs around his, toes stroking the dewclaw-toe of each ankle for good measure.

  Kitty joined him, screaming in delight and thrusting her hips up to meet his as she continued to ruffle and smooth the fur just above his tail with her hand.

  Kurt, desperate, chanted, "Liebe, liebe, *liebe*!” with each strong and hearty thrust. With one final, almost ear-splitting, “*LIEBE*!” Kurt filled her insides with red-hot ejaculate.

  Kitty screamed with him, glad to finally join souls with him as boiling delight filled her from top to toe. That one moment seemed to last forever. A golden, shining second where they were both together in the same place.

  There were stars, but they were scattered beneath her, like the rose petals.

  For a moment, just a moment, they touched Heaven together.

  They sank slowly back into themselves. Kitty held Kurt tight above her, not minding his weight, just yet. The sizzling in her blood filled her ears.

  One hand, unbidden, rose to pet Kurt’s hair, almost as soft and marvellous as the fur that covered every inch of his body. _Especially,_ she smirked, _Seven and three-eighths of it._

  That glorious length was still pulsing inside her. Kitty wished she could purr with the delight of it, but hummed a note of satisfaction, instead.

  Twenty. He made it to twenty.

  When he woke up, Kitty would have to tell him that just *one* would suffice for normal circumstances. One *just* like the last one.

  Kurt began sobbing into her shoulder. At first, his breath hitched, then gasped, gulped and finally, broke out in shudders of pure misery.

  “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he whimpered. “I’m sorry I lost control like that. I’m so sorry… Was supposed to be a gift. Everything I knew. Given to you in all honour. I’m sorry…”

  “Sweetie, Kurt, please… Listen to me,” she brushed the fur of his face and ears, smoothed the tousled hair from his face with her hands. "*Listen* to me.“ Kitty chased some of the tears off his face. "The part I liked the *best* was when you lost control. It was all *you*; not some discipline that - that - monster taught you. Just *you*, needing me. And me needing you. That’s what good sex is supposed to be about. Needing each other.”

  “But I wanted–” he whispered, and his voice stopped with tears. “I wanted to make it clean. I wanted to make it *right*.”

  “It *was*, sweetheart. Darling. Beloved. It *was* clean. It *was* right. Didn’t you feel it?”

  Kurt sniffed. “Ja. I felt it. But - I did it *wrong*…”

  Kitty had to French him. “Lover; you did it wrong in *all* the right ways. Like, *trust* me on this.”

  She said trust her, and Kurt did. He didn’t particularly want to disengage, just yet, and neither did she; so he sort of rolled them onto their sides so that he wouldn’t crush her. They held each other tight in a peculiar lassitude where the rest of the world was on the other side of their own private bubble.

  Kurt had to smile, watching Kitty watch him - through half-closed eyes on both sides - as they faced each other. “Hubches Dame,” he murmured. "Ich bin Ihre, fur Immer.“

  "Forever’s a long time, sweetie,” Kitty murmured. She put her hand on his shoulder and stared at the ring he’d given her. “We’ve got ten years before we like, know who we are, and another few like, growing into that person. What if we like, don’t like who we become?”

  “I’ll save that question for when it happens, geliebt,” Kurt said. “I just don’t want to let you go, right now.”

  “Okay,” she smiled. “For now - forever.”

  It was a pledge he could live with. “For now - forever.”

  They sealed it with a kiss and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


  When he woke, the bed was empty. Kurt startled, looking for handcuffs, restraints, and lipstick messages before he remembered where he was.

  Kitty had drawn a sheet over his nudity.

  There was no paint anywhere.

  Not even the edible kind.


  Kurt stretched and got up, ignoring his clothes for the meantime in his search for Kitty, who, as far as he could tell, was also going skyclad.

  A naked Kitty beat any kind of body paint any day.

  He found her in the room’s ensuite, relieving her bladder. Kurt wolf-whistled by way of a greeting.

  Kitty shrieked and pulled at the TP in an effort to cover herself.

  “Liebe, we just had sex. I think worrying about your curent nudity is somewhat - moot?” He sat on the edge of the spa tub and turned on the hot water. In a few moments, he’d adjusted the temperature to be nicely warm to furless skin. He’d find it slightly tepid, but he knew other ways to keep warm.

  Kitty saw his mischevious smile and started grinning, herself. “Again? I can like, hardly walk after the *last* time.”

  “Exactly why you need a hot bath,” he said, adding bubble-bath to the water. “Peps you right up.”

  Kitty finished up, washing her hands before testing the water in the tub. “Mmmmm… Nice and *hot*. Just like someone else I know.”

  “*Now* you’re getting into the spirit of things.” Kurt grinned as he caught his beloved up in a seductive embrace. “Care to play in the tub with me?”

  “I thought you’d like, *never* ask…”

  So, hanging on to her waist, he ‘fell’ into the shallow, foaming water and dragged her down with him. Kitty shrieked delightfully and, once recovered, immediately splashed him with the water.

  “You fuzzy *fink*!”

  All being fair in love and war, they wound up kissing passionately before the water covered their waists.

  Katzchen had an excellent singing voice, and Kurt found out, with the help of some H2O, that she could, in the right circumstances, hit E above High C.