Lots to do.

I have a Chaos to take up north to see her shrink. I have to take the window replacement back to the dude who made it because he cut it too short. Which means that today is an enormous Leyland's Tour for me. Which means I should put dinner on now or I won't have the energy to do anything by tonight.

But I also have to take the dubiously reliable Elderberry capsules. I haven't been that fantastic at the whole "three times a day" thing, and yesterday was the FIRST DAY that I actually took them as ordered... And this morning, I woke up to a cold that was a billion times worse than it had been.

Pills to make you better should not make you relapse.

But I'm staying faithful and trying my hardest to take them all as directed. Just in case I really fall over. Which I can't afford because I need to run around today.

Tomorrow, I may be feeling awful, but today, I have to function.

And with that in mind, I have to write today's story, set dinner up, and get the little darlings ready for the day. All while Bunny Bennett is arting live on the interwebs.

SPG band members are so distracting. Delightfully so.

But I have to get on with things and schedule the autoposts so peeps on Steemit can see all my old stuff without having to trawl my archives. And everything else.