Don't Panic!

I plain old forgot to write a thing for my Wordpress. Those who come here to find out what the fuck will be glad to know that I invested my time in...


Thirty seconds of animation in a music video I'm making in Adobe Animate. Yay.

I will be writing something Op-Ed-y eventually. I already have a title: Re-spec Mah Prioritah. Which is basically "I didn't do anything productive" in another hat. This hat is called, "I did something productive, but not in a direction you'd like".

Also, because of shenanigans, I am now the proud owner of a "Spiro" kigurumi. No, I have not played Nintendo beyond Animal Crossing and everything I know about other Nintendo games, I have absorbed by osmosis. So I know that Spiro is a purple dragon in one of Nintendo's many jump-and-die themed games, but I've never played one.

I like it because it has teeth in the hood and it's purple and it's cute. And it's also amazingly warm and THE BEST thing to slob around in during the cold weather. Of which there will be a lot of for the next handful of months. Also of which I hate with a passion.

But now I own a betoothed Kigu and I am a happy little 'Nutter. It even has a zipper trapdoor in the buttockular regions for the obligatory calls of nature. My winters are promising to be toasty and slobtastic.

My days are promising to be increasingly busy. Best to get on with this one.