Do the Priority Shuffle!

Prioritising my HAM has helped me get shit done. Yay. Progress varies and I can shift between a minimum of one technically-working product and a currently broken product by commenting out a few lines.

BUT... I'm not doing that, today.

Today, my post literature priorities involve:

  • furthering my education in Java, and
  • creating something that's technically operational in RPG Maker
  • either edit another ep of Oh My Mods or finally work up another scene of SESP

I've done enough futzing around with the incremental clicker code. I can tell I'm reaching a point of frustration-motivated failure. I can comment out the bad code and still have something that technically works. Yay me.

Now to have something that technically works elsewhere. So I can point to it and announce that I have made a start.

Having a start is the most important and most difficult thing at the same time. It's almost as bad as creating a title. Both of which I do on the daily. Doing it in a different direction is where I'm falling over. Very, very soon.

I'm a lot scared of this. Props and hugs appreciated.