Discoveries and developments

I took my first walk in a fortnight, this morning. My feet hate me as a direct consequence. I have to go shopping, but at least I have money to pay for shit.

I shall make a list of the things we need and the things we want and then attempt to get them as cheaply as I can.

And a good friend recommended Mark Reads and I have found there the most adorable cinnamon roll on Youtube. He reads books out loud and reacts to the words as he reads them.

Mark Oshiro is a bibliophile after my own heart, random animal lover [easily distracted by cute fluffy things] and so so very cuddly[in that I want to hug him]. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel. You will thank me later.

I also sent him instructions on how to get a free copy of The Amity Incident [very special offer] in the hopes of gaining a fan. Only in my wildest dreams would he read it to YouTube. He gets paid to do that kind of stuff and I don't have enough readers who are that affluent to sponsor a reading.

...and my money is already spoken for...

Besides, paying someone to read your own book is probably some variety of crass.

But I want to see his eyes light up or his voice go squeaky over my words or just firkin Relate to something I wrote... this man is a gift to authors. I need that kind of ego boost in my life.

And then my cynical self-depreciating side pipes up and tells me that he'll probably ignore me, etc. Eh. It was worth a shot, no matter what.

Gotta give it a go.