Definite improvements

Thanks to the antibiotic, I'm getting less green things coming out of me. And thanks to a little bit more approved carbs1, I'm getting rid of the nastiness at lightning rates.

I could do without the epic purge of mucous, about two hours after I've gone to bed... but that's just how my body wants to roll.

Hopefully, this will be the last time in my life that I'll be on antibiotics.

My breathing is easier. My mind is clear... and my stomach is still complaining about being empty even after my usual dose of salty broth.

And I've also almost crept back up to 85 kilos over the recovery period. Boo. But then, most of that weight loss was from being sick, so I really shouldn't have taken that win.

The sinuses need another hose-out, of course. I'll get to that... sometime today.

But consider this - I beat a virus in three days. I've needed a little help conquering a bacterial infection... but that's definitely on the way down. And I've done this without breaking Ketogenesis.

Which means that, since this is the end of my third week on Keto, my body is starting to become Keto-adapted. My body is starting to look for fats as energy, rather than sugars by any means.

Which might just mean I'll completely stop craving sweet things. Stop laughing that hard, you'll burst something.

I'm still waiting for my cholesterol check to come in. I suspect it won't turn up until after Yuletide. Lab geeks need their vacations, too. Either that, or the doctor who ordered them just doesn't believe it and has told them to do it again.

Whatever. I can keep doing this until they write me off as one of millions of 'statistical outliers' out there. And I'll be healthier, carry less fat, look younger2, and live longer than anyone else who's been towing the LFHC line.

Sooner or later, common belief has got to shift to fit the mountains of evidence out there.

  1. Lo-carb does not mean NO carbs. You can get along with a few carrots or a cauliflower (and similar veggies) on your plate.

  2. Trufax - sugar, and other heavily-processed carbohydrates, actually accelerate ageing by preventing your good cholesterol from repairing your cells.