Deep sigh...

I'm having a hump day. Very much aware of all the things I really should get done but also depend on the actions of others.

I need to get Adapting out to my beta readers. Or that writing group who could allegedly help if they didn't hate science fiction. BUT - I need Beloved to get it reader-ready because nobody but your own, strange and humble martian actually uses Pages for the Mac. [And even then, not for much longer. I'm now writing everything in Markup]

I need to find some Agents who are willing to take on my weird and eclectic writing on. Because I really don't want to have an inch-thick file of agents who all have different specialities. Plus I haven't seen one yet who would go near the horror-parody/trainwreck that is Kung Fu Zombies. My preferred number of agents is one. And I'm pondering using LinkedIn to locate that one.

BUT - I still need samples to send so that they can gauge how frelling good my writing is. And Beloved is the maestro of all things post-production with my writing.

I also really need to get the tax information to Smashwords. This is the third year that I have really needed to get the tax information to Smashwords. And I'm held up because my computer is a snob and doesn't like talking to any other machine in the house. And I am the only one who actually cares about one frelling piece of documentation that decides whether or not I get 100% of my money from Smashwords instead of 2/3rds of it.

And I have all those 'and's hanging around about Chaos, my personal worries about things I want to do, but will probably never have the chance to do it and -ARGH- it's all too hard.

I will whittle these problems to death if it firkin kills me. Problem is, it will probably kill me.