::deep breath in:: Big Raspberry Out

I have a lot on my plate, already. And I have a REALLY long day planned, which includes a trip out shopping to get essentials, non-essentials, things for my microbial-sized business venture...

And this afternoon is going to be filled with trying to talk to assorted teachers, sorting out SET plans for Mayhem, and generally milling about like a lost soul and steering Chaos out of danger.

I do not have the time and the clean equipment to cook anything (Mayhem's been slacking off) so it's going to have to be take-out again. Sigh.

Mayhem's about to get a short, sharp shock. I've confiscated the power cable to his compy and he won't get it back until he's done his work. Kid need to learn a few harsh lessons, and I regret that I have to be his teacher.

He's gonna regret that he's a slow/reluctant learner.

Meanwhile, I still have a novel to contribute to. And people might have noticed that my baby forum has some new ficcage because I am Undertale trash and apparently Zarla-S is another one of my multiple Senpais.

...and apparently, "cracked" is one of the words my baby forum views as a swear. Weird.

After I've done today's story, I'll do the shopping run for all things vital and not-so-vital. And then I'll do all the other things. Including making sure there's more of my Undertales.

I'm going to be buggered before dinnertime.