Day Zero. Sigh.

Two idiots in Noosa went to Sydney and then lied about where they'd been back when the borders were still more or less open. Sigh.

I think I'm detecting a pattern.

1) Idiots go into plague zone for nonsense
2) Idiots return to the alleged safety of Queensland
3) Idiots elect to LIE about where they've been
4) Idiots cavort around the scenery, potentially infecting thousands

These two particular idiots are underaged and will therefore be also suffering the wrath of parentals as well as legal action, fees, and charges.

They're not showing symptoms, but we all know that's not exactly the best reassurance. They could not be showing symptoms yet. They could be asymptomatic.

I say, if any more members of the Karen Squad decide to pull this stunt, they should be saddled with the full medical bills of all the people they infect.

Also in the news:

  • Lebanon's entire government quits
  • Baltimore blew up
  • Australia apparently has three weeks to decide wtf our national plan is with plague management techniques
  • A dam in NSW burst its banks after getting a year's worth of water overnight
  • USA hits five million cases
  • Muppet denies wanting his flabby jowls on Mt Rushmore
  • Greecian party island proves to be new plague hotspot in turn that shocks nobody
  • Italy re-enacts bubonic plague protocols, passing things through tiny windows to allegedly minimise contact and therefore infection
  • Japanese oil tanker drops 1000 tons of oil on mauritius
  • Facebook attempts to shut down illegal animal trafficking on its site
  • ScoMo displays rare show of humanity by slamming suggestions to sacrifice the elderly to Covid-19 so that the Almighty Commerce can persist
  • As the clusterfuck continues and seasonal bushfires loom once more, the call is rising for underground bunkers

Just... fucking yikes.

I have a lot to discuss with my shrink today.