Day 1, once more around again

The three cases yesterday were all from outside. One already in isolation and the other two out on a boat. I don't know if they're staying there, but it's apparently a big boat and a small crew. Huzzah.

...I guess.

However, there's also Melbourne. In Melbourne, now that the numbers are crawling below 500, they seem to think that the plague is over again. This has lead to crowds of shoppers and people casually violating social distancing rules. Which, I am certain will be the root cause of another spike in just two short weeks.

When will they ever learn?

In other news, some folks have been trying to get back into Australia for six months. It's all down to the logistics of quarantining and -of firkin course- how much money you have. Once again, the rules favour the rich and leave others in dire situations.

It's stream morning so the story will be somewhat distanced in time from this post. Toasty's art in the process of happening is just too delicious.