Cyclone Season... in Autumn?

Here's how it should work: Summer heats up the air and the sea acts like a big coolant on that noise. Which generates cyclones. Which turn into Summer Floods.

Here's how it is happening: The oceans are warming up (el Niño) and the cooler air of autumn is breeding cyclones. Which cause floods. In autumn.

The last time this happened, I was just a baby.

1974 - forty-four years ago. Criminally close to half a gorram century.

That's a long-arse time between horrible happenstances.

Thing is, we've been having once-in-a-century storms every other year, it seems like. Once in fifty years, once in twenty years, I get it. But once in a century? Not likely over the span of two decades.

It's getting clearer and clearer that the weather is fucked up, but since the alleged leader of the U.S. fucking A is a climate change denier, all the action that could be taken... won't be.

Even if the Muppet gets impeached - looking increasingly likely - then he'll just be replaced with another denier/deregulator and the world will continue on its downward slide.


Sometimes I hate the world. But I'd rather hate the people who prefer short-term profit over long-term survival.

That's where the real trouble is.

Health-wise, it turns out that a majority of my lo-batt issues have been a direct result of slow dehydration. Therefore, I'm making certain I get a modicum of the good old dihydrogen monoxide into my system.

And I'm fairly certain I'm not eating enough. My meals are small and infrequent. Though I feel satiated, it might not be enough calories to keep me alive. And that's... worrying. So I'm doing what I can to ensure my meals are calorie-dense. Loaded with assorted cheeses. That sort of deal.

I'll work with my Beloved on it.