Corner Turn

When something changes, we say that we've "turned a corner". Sometimes, it's deeper into the maze, but for me... well. I think things are looking up.

Our higher protein diet adjustment lets us have a little more freedom with the other things we have with said protein. Which means we can have the occasional treat.

Last night, it was small tubs of Häagen Däazs. The most luxurious ice cream on the market. Let me tell you, I have never tasted it before because also EXPENSIVE.

Three tubs plus a box of four tiny tubs came to nearly $50. Yeeks.

Not doing that too often.

But the good news is that I can occasionally indulge in that kind of thing without too much in the way of a setback. My weight this morning is only up by 200 grams. Not what you'd expecting from bingeing on the TOP ice cream.

Mayhem is doing better, by the way. Holding down his food and getting back onto an even keel. Huzzah.

It's a lazy day today, so the fashion combo is Kigu, Ruana, and uggs. Lovely.

Onwards to the stories for today.