Come up to the lab, see what's on the slab...

A Frankenstein-esque mad scientist (re)creates life from parts of the dead, and one of the first responses from his new (female) creation is an exploratory grope and a frustrated…

“Dammit, you could’ve at least tried to get a matching pair…”


“What? They aren’t the same size? But the clothing label on your donor said D cup…”

“This one is a thirty-five D,” explained the monster, juggling a bosom. “This one is a thirty D. The cup size changes depending on the chest circumference.”

“Um,” said VanQuiche. “Oops?”

“Um. Oops. Um, oops? That’s all you have for me? You are marching right back to that donor pool and finding me a matching set of boobs this instant, mister!”

There was nothing else to say, but, “Yes’m.”

“And did you even try to do neat needlework? This is my face! People have to look at it!“

“I’llgetrightonthat, Iswear.”

“And how the hell did you give me such a narrow waist? Did you scrimp on the internal organs?”

“Uuuuuuuuummmmm…” VanQuiche retreated for the door. “I’ll make sure you have a complete set… shall I?”

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