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“The problem with quotes on the internet, is that you can never tell if they are genuine or not.”
-Benjamin Franklin (c/- RecklessPrudence)


“The same thing’s been said about the Galactic Text-nets, though it was attributed to Mark Twain.”

“Really? I’d have thought they’d give it to Confucius.”

“Which one? The lizard, the bug, or the human?”

This resulted in a minute’s worth of thought. “Probably the human. They’re everywhere these days.”

“Mmmmh… yeah. Sometimes I wish we’d never let them in, y'know? They’re so… invasive. Their words, their culture… some of their sayings? They just keep creeping in.”

“As does their racism.”

“See what I’m saying? Their nature is infectious.”

“Good thing for us, though. Ever since they turned up on the Galactic Scene, everything just keeps zooming forward.”

“Yes. I know. I have a few in my crew and the nonsense they pull is astonishing. Just last week, I had them all singing in my cargo hold.”


“Their collective mythos pool is so wide and varied. You never know what’s going to set them off.”

“True, but it’s also true that a majority of it is harmless.”

“I gotta keep wondering where they’re zooming us forward to. What’s the big destination?”

“That’s the problem. Their imaginations are always years ahead of their bodies.”

“And sometimes physically impossible.”

“Never stops them trying, I note.”

“And that, my friend, is the scary part.”

Both considered their drinks for a while, contemplating whether to obtain another.

“Where’d you get that quote from, anyway?”

“The news. There was an archeological dig on one of the human worlds that self-imolated. They found an almost intact Christmas Cracker. That was inside it.”

“Humans are weird.”


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