...I might have an intense relationship with chocolate...

The sky might also be blue, and water may be wet.

Miss Chaos, the most enthusiastic person in the house about chocolate day, stayed up until around eleven and is now completely conked out. She shall doubtless spend her every waking hour nomming on eggs and bunnies.

I have to ration myself. Boo.

My attempt to bribe Mayhem with albums failed, so I just gave him the other two. Sigh. Motivating that lad is like convincing water to run uphill.

I fear motivation will come in the form of "Holy F I Effed up. Now I have to do it again on my own time and money" which is never fun. MeMum could tell horror stories. Hell, I could tell horror stories.

Beloved had the knack of sailing through without much in the way of study. Mayhem has not inherited that trait, alas. Nope. Poor Mayhem got my ability to struggle with absolutely everything, but skipped out on my bloody-minded determination to get ahead, regardless.

I can only hope he finds something he can do that he loves and also earn money at it. It might not be a "real" job? But if it pays the rent, it's real enough for me.

I'll hold off on the "real" job versus creative employ until a later date when I have nothing much to say.