Challenge #04206-K188: The Kindness Treaty

A village deliberately founded ON TOP of a kobold burrow, with the manor of the village lord covering to entrance to the burrow itself. But it isn't what people think. The village cared for the kobolds. Especially since the lord was saved by these beings when they were a small child being chased by monsters. -- Anon Guest

Gratitude has many aspects. A simple "thank you" is just the most common one. Sometimes nothing more than a meaningless sound since it it spent so often. Sometimes, it's a herald for gifts. Once, it preceded something grand.

"The land for your palace is beset by Kobolds, m'lady," said the appointed seneschal. "Shall we send in sappers and barrels of smokepowder?"

"No," she said. "Fortify the entrances you find. Set up temporary shades and feasting tables outside. I would parley with their Balaur." The new lord smiled at her seneschal's confusion. "We're going to make peace, and welcome them as fellow citizens. I owe them."

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