Challenge #04195-K177: Perilous Choices

Bolvoth decides to teach the young woman the lessons she seems to be refusing to learn. Lest she be the one he is called against to truly harm one day. -- Anon Guest

Love is very many things, none of them logical. So too is the determination of a rebellious teenager. When those combine, someone is going to come to some very bad damage. Whether or not there was a 'splash zone' involved was generally a matter for heroes.

Cosima Britelit could easily come to a bad end. She had the determination and internal vitriol to grow into a terrible, terrifying evil if she was allowed to continue.

Like it or not, Bolvoth found himself caring for the grumpy, obstinate teenager. Yes, he sponsored her as a demonic patron. Yes, he gave her "creepy powers." Yes, he encouraged her to spread darkness and despondency across the mortal world. That was just his job. For personal interest... he had to break the usual expectations.

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