Challenge #04194-K176: The Lost Legend of Thebysthenes

We watch as the city burn, as demons from beyond the star descend onto our land. They carve our flesh, devour our young, and dance on our graves. We cried to heavens to bring us salvation. We call upon Zeus to smite the dark ones, we call upon Poseidon to wash away the flames, we call upon Athena for the wisdom to push the hoard back into the sky. All fell on deaf ears.

Except one, Ares. -- Anon Guest

Fire. Sing, O muse, of the fires of Thebysthenes. Sing of the lives lost to the demons from the stars. Sing, O muse, of the gods who did not listen, and sing great praises of the one who did...

Thebysthenes. A relatively small settlement associated with Mycenae... before the Sea People and disruption of order had cut them off. Many who lived there were prone to believe they were the last people left alive on the face of the world. And then... the black boats floated out of the sky.

They should have been struck down for knocking the temple of Zeus into rubble, but no lightning came to smite them. Thus, it was easy to believe that the gods had forsaken them. The people ran to the temples to pray nonetheless.

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