Challenge #04183-K165: Out of Frame

They call me a Hero, but all I did was use my magic to create water channels and canals, along with spells of purification so the water is always completely clean and created special sewer systems so waste water will flow away from this town, through marshes with powerful purifying spells and tons of plans to clean away and waste so that the water is cleaned before it goes to the river.

I'm not a hero. Please stop calling me one. -- Anon Guest

All I did was fix the local leyflow. Nothing big. A thousand little things that built up to... well. I should explain.

First, the fountain on the mountainside. If I hadn't moved the rocks from the last landslide, it could have created a hazardous eruption and flood downstream. The blocking stones were arranged for stability and would soon become shelter and habitat for several local animals.

Of course, the downstream riverbeds had clogged with debris, so clearing them to reduce damage was my next work. The stagnant pools cleared, and the fish would return in due course. Best to let the system heal on its own. Forcing it would only cause more stress. There would be insects and frogs before the fish returned to balance them, and birds would proliferate, too.

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