Challenge #04172-K154: A Very Important Side Quest

A city is having its Founder's Day. The day when a party of adventurers, humans, hellkin, and a few other races, came together to found their own town. And now, it was a large, beautiful city. A person, seeing Wraithvine and friends, comes up to them and, politely but earnestly, asks them to be their dance partner in the dance competition to be held that evening. -- Anon Guest

Much can be achieved without hate as a hurdle. Proof of such is the shining city of Vingate. One of the four great cities of Alfarell. Storytellers insist that it was founded by a band of Adventurers who were all outcast by their own societies, but the histories say it was at least four different bands who did it.

They made a place with everyone in mind. From the smallfolk to the tallfolk, though the Giants have a separate quarter where they can be comfortable. Nobody capable of understanding law is considered Unwelcome. As such, it has been considered a city one good sneeze away from complete anarchy for thousands of years.

Today is its Founders Festival, which is generally a good excuse for everyone to make merry. The bunting stretched across every street, the games were plentiful, and there was food of all kinds available everywhere. Music filled the air, alongside the scents of cooking in progress.

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