Challenge #03798-J145: Let Them Eat Cheese

The humans.. they can make friends with ANYONE. They can tame almost ANY species. For as long as we can remember, the Thranityr variant known as Vorax were a scourge. They were one of the most terrifying races out there, cognizant-eaters! How.. humans have begun to befriend and change their very culture. No more killing and eating of cognizant, fewer piracy incidents.... what else is going to happen? We're not ungrateful but we have.. concerns. -- Anon Guest

The Thranityr knew where they weren't welcome. Thanks to Pax Caseus, the raids of the Vorax were dwindling slowly away. A little too slowly for anyone looking nervously at them whenever they ventured near the Alliance's Edge.

It helped if they had a Human with them, and they understood why fear and hostility existed. The Alliance had come together in the first place to stand united against the Thranityr in general and the Vorax specifically.

Now this dangerous child race called Humans had changed everything. With cheese.

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