Challenge #03778-J125: Listen to the Echoes

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result. Dereggers have that layer of insanity down in spades. These dereggers keep trying to find out why dereg empires keep falling. And then absolutely refuse to accept the results. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Because doubling down on bad decisions and ignoring replicable data is what that side of the political spectrum does best]

"Obviously our brothers in righteousness allowed themselves to become soft and corrupt. They let the so-called Alliance of perverts and moral polluters have too much contact. They let their standards slip," concluded the CEO, Corbyn Mundrakt. "The people lost their work ethics. They refused to earn their rights and subsist on handouts. We need to re-enforce the ethos of rugged individualists pulling themselves up by their bootstraps!"

"Do we?" asked Tandarl, who was reading a bit more than a proper man should[1]. "Of all our -ah- lost allies, they seem to be following the same plan you announced. There were strict laws regarding enforcing those morals."

"They failed because those laws were too lax! Strict enforcements! Punish the wrongdoers for the rest of their short lives. Execute anyone who even looks at a Galactic! Restrict. All. Travel!" This last point was hammered home by Mr Mundrakt's fist on the table. "Maintain our strength, maintain our moral fortitude, and we will surely prevail!"

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