Challenge #03750-J097: Learn the Hard Way

They flinched away any time someone came close to talk. They kept to themselves, eyes down, shoulders slumped. But when someone took a swing at Mr. Sunshine, before he could react, they were all over the person, beating them to a pulp in defense of the man. -- Anon Guest

People become members of Pax Humanis because they are dangerous, and can't otherwise prevent that danger. They're kept apart in safe environments, receive therapy, and are supervised to be sure their danger goes in the correct direction.

You'd be surprised how often people can forget about that.

Anywhere near a Pax Humanis sanctuary world, you get the sort of people who want to prove themselves in the worst possible way. The Alliance tries to keep them away for their own protection, but there's always one or two who have to learn by making a grand mistake. Such as Human Blu, squaring up to menace a pair of people in hazard-coded clothing.

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