Challenge #03719-J066: Surprise Witnesses

They were hired to do an odd job. To make several young individuals disappear, but to make it look like these individuals were killed, when, in fact, they were very much alive. They had valuable information that needed to go get to the CRC, quickly, and be witnesses for the aftermath. -- Anon Guest

"We're theatre techs, not mercenaries," complained Techie Aed. "How are we going to live through this exercise." They looked to their team, who were also terrified.

"That's what the actual mercenaries are for," said their CRC contact, keeping his voice calm despite the topic. "They get you there, they get you all out. All you have to do is create the illusion of a massacre. Before our witnesses are actually massacred by someone on the wrong payroll."

"If all you want is a crime scene, we can make something that looks effective," ventured Techie Dell, already compiling a budget on her datareader. "If you want it to be forensically effective, we'll have to do blood and tissue replication and that requires samples from the subjects. Which means two crime scenes. A kidnapping and then the murders."

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