Challenge #03713-J060: Motives to Change

He changed everything, for her. He went to B'Nar to have his appearance changed, for her. He got a different job to make her happy. He moved away from his home, for her. Then she said he wasn't enough, and left for another. He is going through intense therapy, because of her.

And she thinks she can just waltz back and get him to come back to her?

Her ways need to change, for HIM! -- Anon Guest

Of all the words of wisdom that Humanity had ever chained together, some of the best were: You should never pay your heart for your heart's desire[1].

Similarly, a soul is worth too much to exchange for anything at all. No matter how desperate someone may be to possess it. Such as the case of Human Lo, who battled with an obsession with another Human who was not interested in him.

Like most from Deregger colonies, he honestly believed that he had to be perfect to win the attention of his preferred partner, Human Sens. She happened to be the embodiment of everything Lo wanted in a partner, but also happily cohabiting with and loyal to her partner.

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