Challenge #03708-J055: What it Says on the Tin

Only humans would be stupid enough to create a space-race track that went THROUGH an asteroid belt, and called it their "obstacle course section". Thank the POWERS the small racing shuttles had safety features! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hollywood has mislead so many about what asteroid fields are like. So in order to enhance the reality of my imaginary future, I'm turning the obstacle course into a ships' graveyard]

Explaining the Manic Million to non-Humans was always the problem. Anything the Humans deem as fun could also be fun for others in the Alliance, but they should also be treated with proper caution.

"It's not just the planetary assists at every turn, that's boring," Human Mor said, he was oblivious to Companion Fihr's wince at that attitude. "It's not a fun race without an obstacle course. That's where the skill part comes in."

Companion Fihr tried and failed to steady their heart rate. "There is the Hungry Caterpillar for all, yes?"

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