Challenge #03692-J039: The Largest To-Read List

A person had a perfect memory. Working hard, they went to the B'Nari to get an artificial body, but kept that eidetic memory talent of theirs. Then they went to an Archivaas world, and asked to please spend time in the libraries to read, and make friends. -- DaniAndShali

Records, memories, events. Experiences. Emotions pressed onto paper in nothing more than black and white. Some preserved these in ridiculous measures. Climate-controlled mega-structures containing labyrinths of stacks. Not just books. Movies. Holograms. Games. Music. Anything and everything that could be saved, the Archivaas did their best.

Not just to have it, but to save it. To share it. To say, here is proof. This was a thing that existed. Here is it's history. Remember. Remember, it was important once.

A lot of the things that the Archivaas are preserved just in case it becomes relevant again. They have created intrastellar structures out of entire planets and devoted them to preserving tax records. Not that anyone wanted them, but because it might be useful one day.

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