Challenge #03651-I363: Holding it In

I cannot find the story anymore, it is too far down. However, you had a story of where it was found, to protect Wraithvine from the bell, or from other such objects, was for hir to not use magic when confronted with them. So could we have a story of Wraithvine training hirself to do such things, by sometimes going as much as two days in a row without using magic? After all, it looks like ze's kinda... addicted to using magic all the time, so sometimes maybe hir learning to not use magic all the time? Like for lighting a pipe, tying hir shoes, those kinds of things? Just a thought? -- Anon Guest

[AN: That would be The Escape Clause over here: ]

Carry a match, the spectre said. Go without magic for a whole day.

It had been EONS since ze had gone without magic. Worse and worse, Elves were inherently magical. Under strong emotional stresses, it could leak from their very pores and cause... issues.

Baby Elves suffered from hysteria ghiblis[1] and manifested fat, blobby tears when upset. They sparkled when they were happy. And some young fools in the throes of first love were known to manifest flower petals.

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