Challenge #03542-I254: Mental Health Break

Wraithvine has had a really bad day, everyone does from time to time, but Lilbit crawls out of hir pocket, onto the shoulder, purring, trying to cheer up their person. -- Fighting Fit

Long days are even longer for Elven kind. Their hours of rest are far shorter than other peoples, you see. It may give them extra time to spend on artistry. In this case, it gave one Elf extra hours in which to be messed around in.

It had been hours of red tape, chasing down this or that specific detail, and otherwise learning just how many offices needed how much otherwise useless information. Wraithvine was certain that the person who invented bureaucracy was stewing in their own, special hell. If Wraithvine had anything to do with those proceedings, that individual would be spending an eternity filling out their own paperwork.

At least it was over now.

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