Challenge #03508-I220: Educating Warriors

"Kids, I could use some help in the kitchen!"

sound of many running feet

"FO' DIN-DIN!!!" -- Escla

Warrior cultures aren't warriors all the time. Many people think so, and presume that everything is a fight. They presume that the entire tribe lives by the sword, on a horse, and nothing else ever happens without bloodshed. No culture is a monolith and no one group of people ever do the same thing.

The Orcish steppes are chilly, that much is true. The vegetation is as tough as the Orcs who farm them, and it is no surprise that they find livestock so much easier to manage. When one devotes a lifestyle to herds, it's natural to have a household that one can also easily pack. Put simply - they live in a yurt, walk around on the dirt, and have a loud way to flirt.

The Urgugs have set up with the rest of the Yagaur tribe in the Summer Grasslands. Their yurt is on stone, which would be unwelcome ground in any time other than summer. The cookfires are communal and meal creation is how families bond. Witness, now, Nash Urgug teaching hir littlest children the way of all things Orcish. "Assist me! I need battlers!"

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