Challenge #03450-I162: No Dessert 'Til You're Just

The CEO drifts in space in a luxury - filled lifepod, with multiple lifepods filled with the survivors from his fleet linked in a circle around his own. The AI was safe in its own contained cube floating nearby. They were NOT happy with the CEO over this incident. Heh, and their recriminations were nothing compared to what the CRC had to say to him when they rescued everyone. -- DaniAndShali

The AI known as Target was smarter than Lyman Sterling Wolfbridge. For a start, they alerted all the crew to evacuate. Then activated the shielding that kept Lyman's secluded luxury bridge intact even when the rest of the vessel was a cloud of irradiated atoms.

Some of the crew were even smarter than the AI, and dove for the lifepods before the last words of Lyman's order had finished leaving his mouth.

The end result was a lot of people intending to leave Lyman's secluded luxury lifepod as secluded from the rest of them. However, programming insisted that Lyman's lifepod gathered others around it as serving staff. After all, he couldn't be expected to cook his own food or -horrors!- pour his own drinks. Nobody but Lyman was happy about this.

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