Challenge #03363-I075: You Made This Hell

A Deregger CEO, one who was CEO over all the other CEOs in a small empire ruling an entire solar system, four inhabited planets. Their blatant cruelties earned a cry of help from their people. That is why Sunshine and his apprentice Jay were here. To answer the call, and end the empire, their way. -- Anon Guest

Big Chief Dominic Roman liked to remind everyone that he was the Chief of Chiefs. The Commander of Chiefs. The owner of it all. Four planets. Fifty thousand larger companies, seventeen million smaller ones. He was the one who decided who had success or failure. He could decide who lived or died.

He could elevate anyone he chose. He could also send anyone to complete ruin and death in misery at the slightest provocation.

Welcome to the Novel Roman Empire. You have all the freedom you can eat. Freedom of speech, so long as you speak kindly and honestly about the Big Chief. The slightest slight can send you into a state of desperation. He likes you to cry in your apology videos. You have the freedom to work, and work, and work. So that you have your freedom of choice of where to lay your head. For an hourly fee.

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