Challenge #03255-H346: All Part of the Experience

Several humans get together to build a giant library. They're not a part of the Archivaas, they just wanted to build a station full of books. This station does have places for people to read on data readers and such, but it's primarily for those who find it relaxing to sit with an old-fashioned book in their hands and read. -- Anon Guest

They used to call it Tosheroon Station, primarily because the long waits between transports had all sorts of trash and treasure conglomerating into impromptu societies. As one might expect from such a backwater, boredom was a constant threat.

Humans, the hyperactive omnicidal maniacs, do not like being bored. If something is not created for them to do, they will find something to do. This is a threat.

Interestingly, it is Humans who save the rest of the Universe from themselves. In this case, gathering together physical books just for the experience of reading them. All the classics that should be a part of Human education. Shakespeare, Doyle, Asimov, Pratchett, and so on. As well as a perpetually-moving selection of recommended works that those passing through may want to read during their long wait. After all, there is very little else to do.

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