Challenge #03216-H309: Any Excuse to Party

Some townsfolk lie to Wraithvine and hir friends saying there's a meeting in the big town hall. Managing to get Wraithvine and the rest into the dark hall, suddenly the torches flare and everyone jumps out and shouts "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" With gifts, food, and decorations!

No one actually knew what the real birthday was, but it was decided, because the being was so kind, to throw a birthday party anyway! -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine knew something was up in a cold second. It was the sly smirks in the adults and the outright giggling in the children. The people of Lower Petraine were friendly and not under any kind of spell, so ze let them get on with whatever they had plotted.

The people had forgotten a few key things about Elves. From their keen senses to their high perception to their ability to see in the dark. And a good thing it was too.

It's not nice to surprise a Wizard. Specifically, it's not nice for anyone inside a one hundred and twenty foot radius around the surprised Wizard. They were lucky that Wraithvine's first reaction was to cast Mage Armour. Thereafter, ze let it drop.

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