Challenge #03202-H293: Hey There Li'l Partner

A security officer aboard a space station has a nice, quiet, day with little going on, and happily entertains a human child who is well behaved and delights in being able to pretend they're "helping". At least until the parents show up, thank the officer for finding their child, who'd been a little scamp and had run off, and their shift ends without incident. -- Anon Guest

"Well hello there, Wandering Star," Security Officer Bytto had spotted the small Human in a cold second. "Are you lost?"

"Nuh-uh," declared the kid. "I'm asplorin'."

"Oh, you're exploring." Bytto covertly scanned the kid's locator bracelets and anklets[1]. Parents nearby but not in immediate view. They hadn't raised the alarm yet, but... "Say, I need some help keeping the station safe from bad guys. Can you come with me and look out for the little ones? About you-sized?"

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