Challenge #03178-H269: Escape By Combi Van

They were beyond poor, living in a very overcrowded Deregger world. After escaping, they got a cushy job in the alliance due to their advanced skills in programming and engineering, something the bosses had barely paid for because they believed they owned everyone, therefore everyone owed them. Time made them rich, at least by Deregger standards. Now Time would help pay to get their family away from that place, then slowly be used to lay the foundations so all those that were "owned" would find freedom. -- Anon Guest

In one way and one way only, she was lucky to be too ugly to be a Wife, and not ugly enough to be a Bod[1]. Through that thin window, Benevolence Andrews gained an education and found a talent. She could wrangle code and work with very little to make a lot. Especially things that demonstrated engineering principals.

The Bosses and the CEO's didn't always listen to her, but that was just life as a female in Greater Deregulation Lower Outer East.

When she met a Galactic... her life changed. She was on board unriddling a tricky wiring problem when the Alliance vessel undocked. They were headed very quickly towards Alliance space. Unnecessarily fast, as it turned out, since the CEO didn't even notice she was gone.

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