Challenge #03106-H198: The Curse of Insight

A Tiefling who's one of the rare ones respected as a cleric, with golden horns instead of black, blue eyes instead of red or yellow, and dark red skin, encounters the camp as they've settled in before they make their destination. He hears the harsh words of the nanny / nursemaid toward a child and can sense the child's sorrow, the fear, the self-dislike, and scowls. He decides to take that nanny's fate into his OWN hands and teach her what that child is feeling by forcing her to feel what she is doing to him. -- Lessons

Some people think it's easy to hide a Tiefling. Some like that woman, Felfeather, in charge of a tiny little one cloaked over and gloved and, as Fairness overheard, riddled with anxiety. Someone should have told anyone in this child's orbit that Tieflings were far more common in noble lineages than not. It was normally not Fairness' place to intervene, but... He did choose his virtue name because of incidents like this.

"Grace and poise, my lord," Felfeather snapped, using ordinary words as if they were daggers. "And tuck that tail in! People might see." The small figure of her charge flinched at every word, and the blue spaded tail -that gave everything away- coiled tightly around the boy's equally small leg.

The kid was fumbling with the cutlery, clearly not used to doing such things with gloves over their hands. They were trying so hard to do everything right when Felfeather attacked every last flaw. Poor little mite. Fairness had to act. He placed one hand on the nurse's shoulder. "Madam. You go too far too often. Have you any idea what you're doing to the boy?"

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