Challenge #02874-G317: Best Danger Noodle

Humans have interesting pets. Sometimes small, even almost harmless even by havenworld standards, sometimes terrifying. This human had one that was at the terrifying end. As they came aboard a ship of saurians, across their shoulders was a snake that was as nearly long as their body and very heavy. It seemed, however, content to remain curled there while the person introduced them to "little slinky." A snake they'd raised from an egg. -- DaniAndShalii

[AN: Submission included a picture of an albino python. I prefer to include links to the original source, so you'll be getting something similar]

Everyone knows that Humans love domesticated predators. Some keep domesticated prey. Lapines, avians, even insects. Some even bring along ungulates. However, Terra is a Deathworld and therefore has many, many options for predators. This one was a pale lump patterned in yellow and white, apparently content within an otherwise empty fish tank. There were other, more alarming accessories within Human Hari's luggage. A larger vitarium. Heat lamps. A small selection of cloning equipment for in vitro rodents, and a colony of something called "feeder crickets".

Companion Loes, getting acclimated to Humans and their love of predators, said, "What kind of predator is that?"

"This is my little Slinky," grinned Human Hari. "I raised him from hatching. He's a little sulky today because he never likes to travel. Poor baby."

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