Challenge #02706-G149: Terrifying Titans

Crabs are a universal constant. So much so that they are used in first contact. Earth is strange for the amount of crab types that we have. Keep them away from the Japanese spider crab though. The first alien to see one said it was the equivalent of an eldritch monstrosity. -- CyberStrikeBeast

[AN: go to your favourite search engine and look up "Christmas Island crab migration," and then "Coconut crab". Sweet dreams :D ]

Welcome to Earth. We have weird crustaceans. Honestly, it's hard to resist a sales pitch like that. Terra has a phenomenal amount of crustacean species. There's fluffy crabs, big crabs, multitudes of crabs, crabs with human faces on their carapaces, and the terrifying abomination known as the Japanese spider crab. Some bold visitors have claimed that it is ninety-nine percent leg. This is almost true.

The Terran species universally recognised as being ninety-five percent leg is the daddy long-legs. A spider that is aptly named on a colloquial basis. Very aptly named. If you gave a daddy long-legs some gills, and let evolution take its course, then you would very much get something close in resemblance to the spider crab. If you can also picture a proportionate daddy long-legs with a body the size of a basketball, then you have an even closer approximation.

The spider crab also possesses claws at the end of its manipulating limbs that have been known to disconnect Human phalanges from the rest of the Human if they are handled incorrectly. Naturally, Humans view this crab as something of a delicacy. Then again, they are also the species that took one look at the coconut crab and wondered if it was edible. Humans will eat anything.

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