Challenge #02602-G045: The Motivation Solution

What are you doing?

No, don't jump down here!


Here's the thing with having Humans on your ship. Sometimes they are young Humans and don't always know the rules of proper behaviour. It is difficult to know which Humans are capable and which are... less... capable until such time as they reveal their limits. Humans are a relatively unknown species and those taking the risks of their company on the Edge are more or less on their own. This is merely a compilation of what we have learned...

Humans like a challenge... The new ships' Humans were about the same size as the average Thoqnath, at least at the port where they signed on as security guards. They had amenably compatible omnivorous diets. And they apparently had an arboreal ancestry, since they loved to climb... everywhere.

Their limbs were too long and their feet the wrong shape for Thoqnath hop-rungs, so they used literally everything else, including the sides of the maintenance tubes, to get up or down between decks. They also made use of air vent passages or just took their joy from getting somewhere awkward to be.

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