Challenge #02502-F312: In a Minute

A: not exactly “capture” more like take a moment and put it on a pixelated screen. Here

B: is something supposed to be on this slate?

A: what? It’s right here can’t you see?

B: see?

A: when light passes through ya eyeball

B: light? -- Anon Guest

There were moments like this all over Galactic Space. One participant in a conversation would realise that the other they had been communicating with freely until this moment did not possess the same sense-set as the first participant. They are the speed humps in Galactic Alliance life. Or, in this case, an unexpected brick wall across the highway of life.

Human Pim seemed to freeze in space as if some cosmic entity had hit their personal 'pause' button. They remained like that for enough seconds to give their companion, a Pterop named Thaang, a small period of concern. Then, like pressing another button, Human Pim returned to motion with, "Sorry, I completely forgot you don't use sight. Where's your data-reader?"

Pterop Thaang gestured with hir tactile display unit. "Er. Are you well, Human Pim?"

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