Challenge #02471-F281: Double the Experience

They were twins, identical to the last freckle. It brought them no end of joy with playing pranks on friends, or on unsuspecting galactics, when they wore the exact same clothes and hair styles. Very few have ever seen humans that looked, sounded, and acted so similar that they could practically be ONE person in two bodies. But they were in space for a reason. To learn new foods, new cuisines, new inspirations. They wanted to open a restaurant that could one day be famous through-out the universe. Problem is, just what were the tastiest treats around? -- DaniAndShali

[AN: So very tempted to do Taako and Lup IN SPACE! but they've already been there, sooo....]

There was a big lump under the bigger warming blanket that had one Human head poking out, looking around anxiously. Like all Spacers, this one had their hair cut short and the barest minimum of protections against random infection on. In this case, the only visible safeguard was a breath mask. In a handful of moments, the head would duck down, the lump would shift around, and the head would apparently pop back up again.

Finally, at last, their contractor arrived at the meeting place. Only then was it revealed that there were two Humans under the warming blanket, which they folded in a co-ordinated dance. Apart from the fact that there were visibly two of them, they were apparently completely identical. Only their nameplates distinguished them apart. One was called Tash and the other Kel.

Captain Krasq startled at this. Ze had heard legends, for sure, but this? This could easily be chalked up to an emerging phenomenon known as The Humans Were Right. Which was a list of reports and footage from assorted beings who independently confirmed things that the Humans had been stating as truth for years, even decades. The N'Ozzies really did a number on Human-Galactic relationships.

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