Challenge #02455-F265: Murder Most Satisfying

What if someone was addicted to murder? They had to kill someone one out of necessity, but enjoyed it too much. Now, they want to stop, but it's hard. -- Anon Guest

You know all those hokey old serial killer dramas? The ones where the murderer always says that killing's a rush? They were right. There's no thrill like it, you know.

I know that watching the light die from that bastard's eyes was the closest I could get to heaven without dying first. I know for sure he won't be going there. I'm... I'm not to certain about me. See, most of the time I'm perfectly ordinary. I do things like everyone else, but...

Once in a while... sometimes a long, long while... I want-- no. I need to kill. As the song says, there are so many assholes who just need killing. Well. The song doesn't say that in as many words, but the spirit is there. I know there are horrible people in the world. We see them every day. We're taught to ignore them.

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