Challenge #02372-F182: The Marvellous Six

(Also, Why isn't this a legit anime!!!!) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Well, I made it 181 days without using anyone else's IP. Can't get any money from the anthology of this year now. Sigh. Oh well. Totes worth it for this one]

Reach for the stars, Yukanna... Their power is our power. If you can feel them... you will never fail. Grandfather had said that, when he had taken Yukanna to see the ribbon lights for the first time. He had reached out, then, and watched the Tetragonai steal the stars. Ever since then, the world had been dark, cold, and dying.

They had clustered together on their dying world, hopeless and withering, until a shooting star split the sky with its light. Grandfather, eaten by fear, had told Yukanna not to investigate. It would be worse than death. It had to be a Tetragonai attack... but Yukanna couldn't let hope die just like that. He still had the starlight in his heart, and it had never left. He had to follow hope.

So he left. He left with tears in his eyes. He left with hope in his heart. He left to find... whatever it was. Destiny or death or both. He had to persevere. He had to hope that this was a way to win the stars back. There was more than a moment of trepidation when he discovered it was a crashed Tetragonai guardian, but the eye was dark and the smooth, reflective surface felt... dead. Yukanna reached out...

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