Challenge #02343-F153: To Fill the Serried Ranks

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice.

I don't know if you have heard of Saragarhi before, but it would be nice to see a story from you over the subject.

Have a nice day. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've seen the Extra History on the topic. It's a tragedy]

It was a small station. Only meant to relay information from one defensive outpost to another. Most of the staff there were locals, and they had allied with the Galactic Alliance for convenience's sake more than anything else. There, on the border, Relay Station 54R4-G4R81 faced what every border has faced since time immemorial. Raiders coming from outside the border.

There were more of them than the defences could handle. Long range scanners on the defensive outposts said that this raid wasn't merely raiding. They had to be working on an all-out attack, and they were headed straight for 54R4-G4R81, the weak point in the defensive line. The plan had to be to destroy Relay Station 54R4-G4R81, and then, once communication between the two fortifications was weakened and their scanner array broken, pick off the defensive fort stations one by one.

After that, they could go where they liked, and do whatever they liked to whomever they liked without fear of retribution. The distant forces of the Allied Spacefleets were busy quelling other fires on other borders caused by other raiders, they never had enough ships. Therefore, the local fleets were all 54R4-G4R81 had to rely on, and they were too far away to be very useful.

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