Challenge #02342-F152: Skill Building Exercise

A school with different Races Like Humans, Havenworlders and other Deathworlders have a Projectweek.

Of course at the End of the Week the Pupils present their Projects each one at a small stand and get their Grades for their Work.

(Go with this anywhere you want and have a great Day ^^) -- Anon Guest

In a Mixed Toughness schooling environment, certain things are forbidden. Sudden shocks can be bad for Havenworlders, and certain Deathworlders play by using shocks on each other. The older the children are, the better they are at understanding this, but for the young ones... precaution is the byword.

"This project week, we are building dioramas," the instructional model hologram rotated for the awed class of eight. It showed several examples and how they could work. Some showed how to make the lightbox style, others showed scenes the children could make. "The theme, should you choose to participate, is favourites. This can be a scene from your favourite book, movie, or show... it could be your favourite room, activity, or even about your pet." There were some giggles, some faces were lighting up, and one child was already making a plan in their art app.

"Usual class rules apply... Jason. No blood, no gore, no dismemberment, or depictions thereof." Educator Kriis waited for the disappointed 'aw'. "Similarly, any characters in your diorama who are interacting must be interacting in a manner appropriate for public display." Which, when boiled down to the basics of communication, meant no sex scenes. Yet saying it like that to a group of children was dangerous territory.

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