Challenge #02326-F136: At Least They Don't Speak Owo

Humans meet a species that looks very similar to a creature from a franchise. -- Anon Guest

Ensign Jans was vibrating in her seat. She was evidently using every atom of restraint to keep her reaction to a minimum, but Captain Thorne had learned to react to crew-member's tells before said crew-members could explode. In this case, Ensign Jans was a lit keg of fandom enthusiasm and would therefore be unfit for duty in seconds or less.

Therefore, Captain Thorne said, "Ensign Jans, perhaps you should take a break. This has been an unexpected development." With one sentence, she had probably saved everyone from a war or worse. That, because the aliens known as Thumruth looked... well... they looked exactly like the Qu-tze Bears

They were small, fluffy, adorable, and had impossibly large, gem-coloured eyes. They were shaped like a friend and candy-colourful with it. To look upon one was to risk saccharine overdose. Worse - there were more than a few crew-members of the Fortune's Favour who were foaming-at-the-mouth flakking fanatical about the Qu-tze Bears. Keeping them the hell away from the Thumruth just made sense.

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